Product Knowledge


  • Stretchable
  • Never Dries Outs
  • 100% safe for kids to play with
  • Easy to clean up, non-sticky and won’t stain
  • Molds easily into any shape
  • Unique NON-TOXIC formula
  • Safe if a child ingests the product
  • Wheat free, Gluten free and casein free
  • Sticks to itself and not to hands

Instructions for First Use

We recommend that you wash and dry your hands thoroughly before playing with the Skwooshi.

For optimal play remove Skwooshi from the plastic bag and loosen it up with your hands as the compound comes compressed. The more you play with Skwooshi the softer it becomes. When Skwooshi sits for a period of time it becomes firmer and holds it shape. Once you start playing with it again it will loosen up

Instructions for Storage

Store Skwooshi indoors and avoid excessive humidity or moisture. Just make sure to avoid putting Skwooshi on top of anything that can potentially absorb oil – such as paper, porous stones such as marble, limestone, etc.


Skwooshi is has all Non Toxic Ingredients and is Wheat free, Gluten free and casein free

  • No Seashells, Wheat, Gluten, Casein, Diary, or Nuts in Skwooshi!
  • The product may contain glycerin.

We advise to keep it away from water, however if it does, spread it out and let it air dry.

When little pieces of Skwooshi gets on the carpet, use a clump of other Skwooshi and dab it up. Skwooshi will stick to itself  Then vacuum the area thoroughly to make sure all small particles have been removed

It depends on the individual usage and care. Normally property should last about 2 years with normal use if not longer depending on how you store Skwooshi. Please follow the product care and usage as specified. If you continue to keep your Skwooshi clean and stored correctly, it will ensure longer product sustainability.